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Amazon Prime is an online platform created by Amazon. An amazon prime member can enjoy numerous leisure-like series, amazon prime videos, movies of numerous languages, and other activities. In this article, you will get in-depth knowledge about Moreover, it offers free 30 days subscription. A user can download Amazon prime app on an IOS device, Android device, and Smart TV. In this article, you will get in-depth knowledge about how to download amazon prime, the Benefits of amazon prime, subscription to amazon prime and you will get questions to all your queries further:

Things to check Prior Visiting tv

  • Check your internet connection
  • Make sure you are a new prime member or you have a prime subscription
  • You need a smart device. For instance: Ios device, android device or any smart tv

Category of Amazon Memberships and Subscriptions

  • Amazon Prime Subscription

Amazon Prime Offers 30 Days free subscription to all the new prime members. Moreover, a user needs to insert the card details as per their choice.

  • High-Quality Resolution

It offers free 4k and HD resolutions. A user can enjoy great leisure with amazon prime.

  • Smart Devices

A prime user can enjoy prime videos on multiple devices like smartphones, smart tv, ios device.

  • Family and Friends

 All family members can enjoy movies and spend mainly weekends with their loved ones. Moreover, there is parental control family as well. So that parents can keep a check on their kids. Wherein younger and adults can enjoy series, episodes. Majorly a user can get the latest launches films and episodes.

Benefits of amazon prime(

  • Free Trial

Amazon Prime offers free 30 days subscriptions to new members. Make sure you insert the right card number in order to start the subscription.

  • Streaming

A Prime user can enjoy the video, episodes, HBO Channel shows, and other leisure. Moreover, prime users can enjoy unlimited music and more than two million songs

  •  Free Shipping 

A user will get free shipping or a maximum of one-day delivery. Moreover, it is beneficial for working employees as well.

  • Reading

Prime users can borrow books, magazines, and another prime reading catalog

  • Multiple screening

Prime members can use multiple devices with one prime subscription tv

Amazon Prime on TV is a subscription-based service. It is necessary for users to pay the subscription fee before using this site. It is affordable to people of all income levels. Furthermore, the Amazon activation code can be found at enter code – go to enter code or amazon myTV code that shows up on your keen television screen to enlist your viable gadget with an amazon prime record and view limitless films and online projects.

Amazon Prime Login

  1. Open Web Browser

    Now, open the web portal as per your choice like safari, chrome, edge so on

  2. Go to

    On the search bar of the portal type the URL:
    Then, press enter

  3. sign in or Create Amazon  Account

    Now, go to your amazon account 
    Then click on create your amazon account
    Now, center name, email id, and password as per the field on the screen

  4. OTP

    Now, an OTP has been sending to the registered email
    Then enter the required credentials like Name,  Email ID, and password
    Now, copy the OTP and enter in the given field of the code

  5. Account created

    Click on continue your account is successfully created

Amazon Prime Video app for Smart TV

  1. App Store

    Now, click on the app store in your Smart Tv 
    Then, search for AmazonPrime App
    Now, click on Install/download

  2. Register on device

    Now, click on the Prime application 
    Then, Go to register on the Amazon webpage link

  3. Activation Code

    Now, open a Portal 
    Then, Visit the website
    Then, insert 6 letter Prime code in the same way it is written

  4. Sign in Account

    Sign to your account in order to complete the activation process

  5. New Prime Member

    In case you are a new prime member or willing to purchase prime membership
    Then, at that point go to Make your Amazon account
    Presently follow the system to make an amazon record and continue to make an installment by means of the choices you lean toward like Charge card, Visa, etc

  6. Connect your Amazon account to your device

    Now, launch the Amazon Prime App on your device and select the features you wish to add
    On the Prime Webpage, select the register option
    When the webpage loads, you'll see a code

  7. Prime Code

    Enter the passcode on your smartphone in the same sequence as you would when logging into the Amazon website

  8. Device registration

    Then, on the Login Device page, click the Register Device button.
    The device will then be quickly signed in and you will be able to see and enjoy the content.

Amazon Prime Video app for Mac (

Take the time to read the steps below thoroughly
1. App Store
  • Firstly, Go to the App store
  • Then, search for amazon prime
2. Configure
  •  Now, click on get
  • Then, you will see two options
  • Insert the Apple Id and Password
  • Touch ID to install or double click the power button
  • Now, you can see your Prime App on desktop 
3. Start the App
  • Now open the app which is just downloaded
  • Now login or signup The amazon account
5. Streaming

Now the user can begin streaming

4. Plan
  • Now, Select the plan as per your choice
  • Start making payments for your plan

How to install Amazon Prime on Roku

  1. Configure Prime Video via the Roku Channel at, or browse for the channel on your Roku device using the search function
  2. When you installed the program from the webpage and want instant access, go to Setting, Systems upgrade, and Verify now on your Roku device’s home screen to force an update
  3. Dispatch Prime Video on your Roku and select “Sign In” from the channel’s home screen menu
  4. You can sign in on your Roku utilizing your Amazon username and secret phrase, or utilize a code to enlist on the Amazon site. In the event that you register on the Amazon site, you will be shown a code in the Roku channel that you should enter at In the wake of entering the code, the Roku channel will naturally log you in to your record.

Compatible Device

  1. Android Devices 
  2. Ios Devices for instance iPhone, Ipad touch 
  3. Fire Phones and Tablets
  4. Setup Boxes  Manufacturers, For instance, Google Tv, Roku
  5. Amazon Fire Tv 
  6. Amazon Firestick

Frequently Asked Questions:

What does amazon charge every year? 

Amazon Prime expenses around $119 each year for yearly participation and $12.99 each month for a month-to-month membership. Prior to focusing on an exceptional enrollment, you get a 30-day free preliminary in the two conditions. 

Where would I be able to embed my Amazon Prime TV code? 
  • Firstly, open Amazon Prime
  • Then, at that point sign in
  • Go to join
  • Press Enter
  • Then, at that point, you'll be given this code

It is safe to say that you are confronting web issues with Prime video? 

 The primary driver of the web not working is really an awful web association. There could be trouble with the streaming gadget. Second, it's conceivable that you haven't refreshed your Amazon Prime application

How would you fix an Internet availability issue? 
  • Check your Wi-Fi 
  • Reboot your switches and broadband 
  • Now, utilize an alternate Ethernet wire 
  • Look at who's utilizing your Wi-Fi 
  • Updating your gadgets is a smart thought 
  • Settle on a telephone decision to your network access supplier 
  • Reset your switch to manufacturing plant defaults 

How can I watch Amazon Prime on my laptop while I'm not connected to the internet?
  • Log in to the Prime Video app after downloading it. To begin, you'll have an Amazon account with an Amazon Prime subscription
  • Choose the video you want to download
  • Select the location of the file
  • Select the quality of video
  • Browse your downloads

Is it possible to watch Amazon Prime on my Fire TV Stick?

Indeed, Your Fire TV Stick will be pre-registered to your Amazon Prime account if you have one. As soon as you insert your Fire TV Stick into any HDMI port, users have instant access to almost all of your Amazon Prime data.

What does an Amazon Fire Stick account cost?

That there's no annual subscription for the Fire Tv stick itself; it is a one-time purchase, but there is a $12 monthly charge to utilize Amazon Prime to receive all of the capabilities.

What is the way to change the video quality on tv my desktop 

Modify the video quality from Good, Better, Best, or Maximum Resolution by going to Amazon Video Controls and selecting the Stream Premium option.

On which browser show I access amazon prime?
  • Google Chrome
  • Mozilla Firefox
  • Microsoft Internet Explorer
  • Microsoft Edge
  • Safari
  • Opera

Note: Make sure all these browsers are upgraded with the latest version only